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MailForSpam FAQs - frequently asked questions.

What is MailForSpam?

Main task isMailForSpam избавить Вас от назойливого спама. Регистрируясь на многочисленных подозрительных сайтах, порталах, форумах и социальных сетях, при помощи почтового ящика MailForSpam, You don\'t have to use your reall eamil address and you can save it from possible spam messages

How can i creat my own mailbox?

MailForSpam no registration or password is needed. You just have to think an email out to create one! You have to check in order to believe it.

How does it work?

При регистрации в сервисах требующих емайл подтверждение Вы придумываете и вводите любое_имя, then to confirm, you go to и для входа в Ваш почтовый ящик просто вводите придуманное вами имя.

How long letters in inbox are saved?

We don\'t have any specific period of time for saving letters, i.e. they can be deleted several times per day or can be saved for several months. The oldest letters are deleted automatically.

How can i send mail?

MailForSpam you can use it only for receiving letters.

Are there any limitations as to the number of accounts or used IP addresses?

No. The number of used accounts for one IP is not limited.

Do you have API?

We don\'t have API (simply we don\'t need it)